Gloop Presale

Details subject to change before launch

There will be an opportunity for Arbitrum community members to participate in the Gloop Token Presale.

How to get Whitelisted

  1. Complete the challenges in our Zealy Challenge: AND/OR

  2. Own 1 or more GMX Blueberry Club NFT's [Available Here]

  3. Participate in the discord.

Staying active in the discord and engaging with our tweets also increases chances of being selected.

Max Allocation

  • Normal Whitelists allow for a $10,000 maximum allocation.

  • GBC NFT's can be stacked up to 10x for an allocation of $5,000 per NFT.

These two opportunities can be combined (Completing the whitelist tasks and also owning GBC's to increase your max allocation)

Additional Info

The Public Sale will happen some time after the Presale.

"I am investing with one wallet on behalf of a DAO, can i please get a larger allocation?" ---> Message us on Discord!

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